Free this month from Kabuki

08 Oct

Hey MM and profile picks lovers, check out these two amazing free gifts from Kabuki Creations this month.

Both of these poses come with a sleek cool couch that is modifiable so you can make it fit with your decor. But you don’t have to use the couch at all, you can use the poses anywhere you want that you can rez items! You can show or hide pose balls, sync movements, and of course they are animated!

First up for the MM board is Naku’s “Take me ~ sf8” pose. This is a very sweet pose where you are sitting very close to your lover, his hand is rubbing your knee and you are pressed up against his back while you kiss.

I was a little confused as to why it was called “Take me” until Than and I visited the gazebo at sunset last night. He talked me into sitting on the railing so he could take a picture of the sun setting behind me. Then he came over and sat with me, placing his hand on my knee and turning his head to look deeply into my eyes. His closeness made my heart pound, but his words made me breathless. “There is nothing more beautiful than the way you look as the sun caresses your soft skin and creates a gorgeous halo of color through your golden hair.” Then he leaned forward and kissed me as the sun started moving below the horizon. Mmmm…the feel of his strong hand running over my leg, his warm lips pressed to mine, the heat of his body seeping into me as I pressed against his muscular back. The words that sprang to my lips immediately were “Take me, please.”…NOW I see the light! *grins widely* And thankfully Than did too. *coughs* But enough about our gazebo visit…

Be sure you get over to Kabuki and touch that MM board, and take your friends, this pose is definitely worth it.

And for your profile picks gift you get “Listening Always ~ sf3”. Snuggle up with your loved one, your head in his lap as he reclines against you, his fingers running through your hair as you share intimate secrets, or just tell him about your day. This is a very relaxing and close pose that allows you to be intimate with your honey no matter who is around.

If you don’t have Kabuki in your picks add it now, join the Kabuki Creations ~Pose&Animation group, then touch the sign for this lovely free gift. Naku takes care of us in so many ways, and his monthly free gifts are another way for him to show his love for all of you loyal customers.

I’ll see you at Kabuki!

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Posted by on October 8, 2010 in Kabuki Gifts


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