Amazing new 4 minute long animated pose!

15 Oct

Is it hard for you to show your love through words? Are you tired of short action poses that just don’t convey all you want them to? Boy have I got an amazing new pose to tell you all about today. Naku has been working his fingers to the bone for all of you Kabuki lovers, and has created a 4 minute long, animated pose! It’s called Love Story 3, and it will certainly thrill all of you lovers out there. It’s got sweet looks, kisses, squeezes, lifts, holds, rubs, leg lifts…well everything that shows how much you love each other.

Than was working around the yard today when I came home from shopping. Always happy to see him, I dropped my bags, let out a happy little yell, and took off running. He smiled widely when he saw me and held out his arms, catching me as I launched myself at him. I wrapped my arms around him tightly, his strong hands pressing against my butt to keep me from falling, and we hugged each other enthusiastically.

With an encouraging squeeze from him I leaned my head back to look down into his eyes. He smiled up at me and told me how much he missed me today. I told him that I had been thinking of him all day, and even bought him something at the store.

At this point he squeezed me again really tight before loosening his grip and allowing me to slowly slide down his warm body. Feeling his strength and muscles as my body moved down his caused me to suck in my breath sharply. I was a bit breathless by the time my feet hit the ground.

He chuckled at my reaction and as I looked up into his eyes he pulled me in and kissed me senseless. Whew…now that’s an amazing welcome home love story if I ever felt one!

With Kabuki’s Love Story 3 animated pose you get 4 whole minutes of loving poses to show your sweetie just how much they mean to you. And it’s a looping pose, so it doesn’t just stop at the end…you can hold and kiss and feel your lover as long as you want. And because it’s new you can pick it up at the promotional price of more than 30% off…so hurry in to Kabuki Creations today!

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Posted by on October 15, 2010 in Kabuki Newness


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