NEW No pose-ball HUD!

12 Nov

Niiiiiiiice going Naki!

Are you tired of going to places where you want to love on your partner but can’t because it won’t allow you to rez pose-balls? Well Kabuki Creations fixes that problem for you with their new Sweetest Love No pose-ball HUD…woot!

Just wear your HUD, TP anywhere you want (even no script areas), and use the easy buttons on the HUD to hug and kiss as much as you want. It comes with 12 of Naku’s best selling poses.
~ 2 sensual couple kisses
~ 3 Sweetest hugs
~ 4 Fun poses
~ 2 Couple Ground Sit
~ 1 Ground Lay

While I love the sweet hugs and kisses in this HUD, today I’m going to show you the fun poses because I’m just in that kind of mood. *grins*

Did you honey do something bad to deserve a little corrective direction? Well this HUD let’s you do just that! Maybe he forgot your anniversary, or you caught him checking out the hot girl that just walked by. Well give him a piece of your mind!

Keep your eyes open in case he decides he doesn’t want to listen.

But if that happens ladies, just tell him you want to play a little “kick ball” and show him who’s boss.

Be careful though, there is a pose for him to get a little retribution if he so desires.

LOL…Wow, are these poses sooooo much fun! Thank you Than for being my guinea pig for the poses. I’ll give you some ice for the soreness later. *winks*

Additional features :
~ Work almost anywhere even in “No Script” zone.
~ Turn on/off PAUSE to enable longer durations of the poses.
~ Sound effect & Cute Text in local chat.
~ Possible to SWAP to use for both female and male avatars (owners).
~ Copy version for safe keeping (Cop,No Mod, No Trans)

This great HUD is new, so that means it’s on sale! Hurry over to Kabuki today and pick up one for yourself.


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Posted by on November 12, 2010 in Kabuki Newness, Kabuki Sales


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