Wow…OMG…and Dayum!! New Kabuki store!

23 Nov

That’s pretty much the best words to describe the NEW store design at Kabuki Creations. Seriously, it’s amazing. Naku really out-did himself. It’s spacious and artful, and just plain great to look at and shop in. The pictures you see here don’t do it justice, you have to go see it for yourself.
(Click photo’s to enlarge.)

There’s Ro, Naku, and me standing at the entrance. See, I told you it’s big and artful!

Here’s a few other shots, but you just really have to go see it to get the full impact. It’s just too big and too much to see to be able to show it properly in photos.

It has two stories and lots of places to sit and relax. You’ve also got plenty of room to try out any poses you want before you purchase them.

I ran into two Kabuki customers, Maya Miliandrovic & Granmanya Beverly, as they were shopping. They said they love the new store design, it’s much bigger and there’s less lag. And Maya was also raving about Naku’s new Sweetest Love No pose-ball HUD. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my blog entry below this one.

*whispers* Psst, while you are at the store be sure to look for the free gift area. Naku is always so generous.
I also got to talk to another Kabuki customer, Athena Alchemi. Athena said the new store is spacious and well thought out, and that things are much easier to see. When I asked her what her favorite kabuki pose was she said “OMG, too many to name”. LOL…now that’s my kind of customer!

While you are here be sure to check out the garden area in front of the store. (That’s me and Than in the swing. He threw me up there and stole my shoes!!…lol But at least he kept me warm. *winks*) Naku’s lady love, Ro Winkler, did the wonderful decor for the garden area.

And it’s a beautiful way to try out some of the Kabuki poses. Ohhhh, now what do we have here? It seems I caught Granmanya and Maya making out in the garden….Niiiiice!

Aww, look how sweet they are. I’ll bet with that pretty setting and the great pose to bring them so close together, they aren’t in any hurry to get in out of the cold. *grins*

We’ll say bye for now, but please don’t hesitate to say hello to us when you see us in the NEW Kabuki Creations store.

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