Gifts & deals from Kabuki

09 Dec

Naku is being a sweetheart again this year and offering you this great train set for a free Christmas gift! Let’s be sure to blow him a kiss or two for his generosity. *winks*

There are 3 sets of non-static poses, why sit like a bump on a log when Kabuki Creations gives you the best pose animations around? It also has sound and smoke effects to make it even more realistic and so much fun! The cute tree by Dedalo Furnitures is also included in the free gift.

And don’t forget about the free hunt gifts, see my hunt post below!

Also free this month from your Profile Picks is this wonderful My Love pose. Show your lover what they mean to you with the perfect pose. The ottoman is included and is mod, so you can make it match any decor.

Just add Kabuki Creations to your “Profile Picks” and join ” Kabuki Creations ~Pose&Animation ” (sl group base) to receive this great gift. Each month you will get a new gift!

And one more free gift, as if there weren’t enough already…lol Come slap that MM board for your chance to win this hot and sexy Eternal Flame V2 pose.

Your lover won’t be able to resist you with this pose as you corner them with the fire of desire in your eyes. Just the heat of your body as you move close will be enough to set them on smolder. *winks

And don’t forget, the LOW sale K week ends at midnight tonight, it’s your last chance to get this super sexy Kisses Forever post for just 50L.

It’s non-static, you can show/hide pose balls, sync movements, and adjust positions.
And after midnight you can pick up Always Be Mine for A week of the LOW sale for only 50L.

If the other poses don’t get your juices flowing, this one sure will. Just think of your lover’s lips on the sensitive skin of your neck. Their warm wet tongue grazing along your skin causing goose bumps of desire to form all over your body. Your bodies pressed close as your hands roam where they may. Mmmm, very sexy. *sighs softly*

If that’s not enough to entice you to head over to Kabuki Creations right now, I don’t know what is. *laughs* See you there!


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