New Improved RP Throne

01 Feb

Do you get a thrill from RP? Are you a Master or Mistress, or even a submissive, wanting to add some more fun to your days & nights? Or do you just like playing on fancy furniture? Well Naku has added some great new poses to his RP throne, and is offering them in 3 different styles for you to choose from! They are on promotional pricing now, but you never know how long it will last, so hurry in to Kabuki Creations today.

Here are the ad photos with all of the poses. I’ve also done a special little photo shoot for you below, don’t miss it.

WARNING ~ There is no nudity or adult content below, but there certainly are adult concepts. After all, is it an RP Throne. *smiles*

RP Commands ~ Here are some basics for you, *winks and wiggles her butt* see how much you can improve on them.

Using her most sultry walk, she moves towards her Master, running her hand along his back to settle on his strong shoulder; her breath already heavy with anticipation. “How may i serve you, Master?”

With a deep growl of need, he responds, “Show me how much you worship me, girl.”

She moves quickly, eager to do his bidding as she kneels before him.

After he is satisfied with her ministrations, he raises her chin and looks deeply into her eyes. “Display yourself for my examination.”

She stands and raises her left leg to the chair seat, moving her silks aside. Her soft moans fill the room as Master examines her very closely.

When he finishes his through examination, he murmurs, “Come closer girl, show me your other offerings.”

She moves to kneel on the hard wood of the throne, thrusting her chest forward and cupping her mounds for his approval. Shudders move through her body as her peaks grow harder than the metal adorning his throne.

A squeak of delight escapes her lips as he suddenly grabs her around the hips, trading places with her so fast her head spins. He continues to examine her flesh as her chest heaves.

Growing a bit impatient, he growls, “Hold still girl, I want to make them dance.”

She holds as still as possible while light smacking sounds echo through the room, her flesh jiggling under his talented hands.

As her breasts turn pink and dance the way he wants them, he turns his attentions lower. “Count for me” he commands. Her body arches and her voice quivers, “One Master.” She gasps loudly, “Two Master.” Moaning loudly now, “Three Master.” She finds it impossible to hold the sounds back as he continues…

Unable to stand it any longer, he pulls her from the chair, sitting back down and facing her away from him. “Ride me girl, show me what you want.”

A deep purr issues from her throat as she lowers herself to his lap, letting Master feel exactly what she wants.

Whimpers escape her, “Please Master, please.”

“Let me hear you scream!”

Her voice rings out into the room and beyond, his name echoing over and over.

Before she has time to fully catch her breath, another order is given. “I want it red and hot girl, assume the position.”

She quickly stands and bends as she knows he wants her to, biting her lip in anticipation. Whack! Whack! Her whole body moves and jiggles with the sharp, delicious slaps. The stings causing her breath to catch as her flesh grows red and warm.

He leans closer, his lips trailing up her spine slowly, softly. The contrast of the stings and his gently lips making her whole body go weak. He moves her over to the seat and whispers roughly in her ear, “It’s time for Master to feel the heat.”

Her world explodes in a fountain of pleasure, pain, heat, desire, burning, and passion beyond belief as he takes what he’s waited for since the beginning. His delayed gratification making it worth every moment.

After they are both sated, girl snuggles as close to her Master’s leg as possible, showing her deep gratitude for allowing her service to him.

I hope that got you excited to go to Kabuki for your own throne and make some memories that will last. *grins widely* Hurry now, the sale price won’t last forever.

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