Kabuki Promotional Items

22 Feb

These two wonderful creations are on promotional sale now. There is no telling how long the sale will last, so head on over to Kabuki Creations today.

Naku has made a wonderful and super sweet Falling in Love Swing. You really will feel like you are falling in love with all of the lovely couple poses in this swing. So buy it to use with someone you want to fall in love with you or buy it to feel like you are falling in love all over again. Buy it just to show your lover how much you really do love them. No matter the reason, this will make an amazing addition to your home.

Want to see some of the sweet poses in action? CLICK HERE
This creation features:
~ 12 Kabuki Creations Best selling cuddles
~ 4 single sitter pose
~ Touch on/off swing
~ Copy version
~ Comes in 3 different colors
~ Include 3 optional garden plants (mix and match as you like)
~ Low prism (6 for swing , and 2 for garden)
~ No Pose balls
* DEMO are available in the garden. (next to the arrival area)


!!Updated and Improved!! ~ Sweetest Love ~ Animation HUD V1.3 (No Poseball HUD) * NOW WITH AUTO HEIGHT DETECT!!!

~ Featuring 12 of the best selling Kabuki poses.
~ AUTO detects height diffrences and matches the closest poses height.
~ Work almost anywhere even in “No Script” zone.
~ Turn on/off PAUSE to enable longer durations of the poses.
~ Possible to SWAP to use for both female and male avatars (owners).
~ Copy version for safe keeping (Cop,No Mod, No Trans)
I’ve done a blog entry for this one when it first came out, so to see some of the poses in action, CLICK HERE.
See you at Kabuki!

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