February Free Gifts

25 Feb

You have 3 more days to pick up your Profile Picks Gift from Kabuki Creations.
It’s called Absence of Fear and it proves there is no reason to be afraid to get close to your loved ones. Just look how sweet this pose is, you know you don’t want to miss it.
Can’t get the gift yet? Just add Kabuki Creations to your “Profile Picks” and join ” Kabuki Creations ~Pose&Animation ” (sl group base) to receive this great gift. If you are just doing this, it takes 24 to 48 hours for SL to recognize the pick, so add it now and come back soon.

Also for the next 3 days you can still get the MM board gift. Just bring your friends and hit the target number and you will receive your gift at midnight.
This one is called All I Have to Give, and it will sure melt your loved one’s heart.

Don’t miss either of these wonderful free gifts. Get your booty into Kabuki before February 28th.

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Posted by on February 25, 2011 in Kabuki Gifts


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