6 FREE March Poses

07 Mar

Your skin glistens with sweat.
Your breath is hot and heavy.
Your heart is pounding hard.
Your hair is wild and rumpled.
You have a satisfied feeling in the pit of your stomach as you lay sprawled out, trying to catch your breath.
Both of you smiling and giggling as you look into your lover’s eyes.

There’s nothing like jumping on a springy mattress with your lover to get the blood flowing and bring some fun & excitement to your lives. *winks and giggles*
Well, what did you think I was talking about?

There are 4 hunts going on at Kabuki Creations right now.
Couch Potato Hunt (1~ 30 Mar) ~ Breaking the Bed-Couple Jumps Gift

Anti-Magic Hunt (1~ 30 Mar) ~ Smoking Couples1 Gift

Nature’s Hunt Fruits of Eden (1~ 30Mar) ~ Erotic Front2 ADT Gift

Twisted Hunt Spring 2011 (1~ 30Mar) ~ You’re So Beautiful

And of course you can’t forget the other free gifts Naku has for you each month. Two very sexy poses on the MM board and for your Profile Picks gift.
MM Board ~ Seduction Gift ~ Who doesn’t like being seduced? The feel of your lover’s strong touch, their warm skin pressing against yours, soft lips on yours and all over your body. Mmmm! Yeah, this is a great pose. *shivers*

Profile Picks ~ For Loving Me Gift ~ Just look how sexy this pose is. Your lover cradling you, supporting you, their lips moving lightly across the soft, billowy flesh of your chest as you wrap your arms around their neck and press close. I get goosebumps just thinking about this one.

Just add Kabuki Creations to your “Profile Picks” and join ” Kabuki Creations ~Pose&Animation ” (sl group base) to receive this great gift. (To join group, look for group kiosk or copy and paste this into chat: secondlife:///app/group/97464a6a-dacb-be15-8e92-35900788e28e/about )(SL may take up to 48 hours to recognize new Profile Picks, so come back in a few days if it doesn’t work the first time.)

You know you don’t want to miss any of these great FREE gifts from Kabuki Creations.


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