Free for April

04 Apr

Hello you sexy Kabuki Creations customers. I have 5 free gifts to tell you about today.

First up is your Profile Picks gift, Conquer By A Kiss. (Just add Kabuki Creations to your “Profile Picks” and join ” Kabuki Creations ~Pose&Animation ” (sl group base) to receive this great gift. New gift every month!)
You may not be able to conquer the world this way, but you sure could conquer me. *winks* And I bet you could conquer the one you want with it too. Snuggle up close behind her, let the heat of your bodies meld as you run your hand along her smooth thigh and breathe in her sweet scent. It won’t take her long to turn her head for that soul shattering smooch.

While you are wandering around whispering sweet nothings into your lover’s ear, be sure to hit the Midnight Mania board for a chance to win the hot and sweet Whisperv2 pose. And bring your friends to increase your chance!

Are you ready for the hunts now? I know you are. *winks*
There are 3 going on right now from April 1st to 30th, with 2 more coming up this month.
1. Evil Bunny Hunt – -The Tormented Romance- pose & prop
Kabuki Creations has collaborated with heap! to bring you this great pose and prop. Along with the sexy couple’s pose you get with this great prize, you also get two poses & props to help you take care of your living area. Hey, just because you live in a box doesn’t mean you can’t keep it pretty and clean! This is a super great hunt prize you don’t want to miss!

2. Plant This hunt – To Be With You V2 pose
Snuggle and watch your plants and flowers grow with this wonderful pose. The love you share while you cuddle and kiss will radiate from you and caress your plants, making them grow that much more beautiful. At least in your eyes, and that’s what matters most. *smiles softly*

3. A Taste of the 50’s Hunt – Written In My Heart V2 pose
Your lover will have your name written in their heart when you share this pose with them. Go ahead, show them how you can’t get enough of being close to them, touching their skin, feeling their strength, kissing their lips, looking into their eyes, giving them your love.

The Yeah Toast Hunt & THE WHIZ Hunt both start later this month, photos available soon.
Be sure to pick up all of the free gifts from Kabuki this month.

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