Evil Bunny Hunt

11 Apr

I posted this on another blog, but since it IS from Kabuki Creations, I wanted to post it here for you all as well. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to go get these great hunt gifts!

Animated poses, cardboard boxes, and an evil bunny…what more could a girl ask for? Kabuki Creations has teamed up with heap! to bring you these wonderfully fun gifts for the Evil Bunny Hunt. You can get the naughty one at Kabuki and the nice one at heap!

So, I set up my new home and decided to do a little spring cleaning when I noticed I had a new neighbor. And what a cute little, adorable bunny he was, too. We started chatting as I swept and he painted.

Turns out his name is Thumper and he’s new to the area, so I invited him over for a beer. He loved my little box, kept remarking about how clean I keep it for such a little space.

I couldn’t help but notice how soft he looked, and told him so. He invited me to have a little cuddle. Mmmm, mmmm, gotta love a snuggly bunny. But he just kept talking about how clean and nice smelling my box was, so I offered to help him spruce up his space some.

Well, as I knelt down in the only area clean of his box and started picking up all the trash, that little evil bunny tried to show me how he got the name Thumper?! Luckily I was still holding my beer can and walloped him up-side the head.

Does anyone out there need a place to live? The rent is cheap and I’m a real great neighbor. Oh, and don’t mind the bunny fur in the flowers, it won’t be there long.

Visit the Kabuki Creations blog to see more hunt gifts! And be sure to visit heap! in world to see other great box living creations.

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