Afternoon Delight

10 Jul

I decided to take my Kabuki Creations Dreams Garden Blanket with me out in the woods and relax, it was such a lovely day and I didn’t want to waste it inside.

My neighbor, Phantium, must have seen me walking to the woods and couldn’t resist joining me. He wanted to catch up with his online friends and I finished the book I had been reading.

Then we decided to chat for a little while. I had no idea he was such an interesting man. Sexy and interesting; be still my beating heart. *fans herself*

We shared some yummy fruit and champagne, and some even yummier kisses. Don’t you just love kissing a man with the sweet flavor of apples on his lips? Mmmmm

I think the champagne went straight to my head, we ended up making out all over the place, not that I’m complaining. *winks*

Kisses on my neck from behind make things low in my belly tighten and quiver…

His breath along my skin sends goosebumps down my spine…

Feeling him pressed against the length of my body, knowing he wants me… *sighs*

That sexy light he gets in his eye when he takes what he wants…

The heat building with each brush of lips and limbs… *shivers*

Our hands wrapped around each other as we get as close as we possibly can…

*wipes the sweat from her brow* Whew, that was soooooo hot, words just can’t describe it.
Oh, there was much much more that happened in the glistening sun rays under the shade of the tall trees, but you’ll just have to come get your own blanket to find out just what it might have been. *grins and winks*

Thank you for a most beautiful afternoon, Phantium.
And I know I’ll be seeing the rest of you at Kabuki Creations.

You get so much with these blankets and rugs:
Kabuki Creations ~ Dreams Garden Blanket ” & “Kabuki Creations ~ Dreams Couples Rug”
# Combination sets are available for further price reductions
# As usual it will be on “New Item promotion price”. A saving of more than 30% so HURRY !!!
* 18 of Kabuki best selling cuddles / kisses
* 18 most realistic erotic adult animations
* Single and friends sitters
* Changeable Blanket textures & Pillow color changer
* On/Off particle effects

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