A Hunting We Will Go

20 Jul

A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go
Hi, ho the dairy-o, A hunting we will go

We’ll find us some cool poses, we’ll find us some cool poses
Hi, ho the dariy-o, we’ll find us some cool poses

Kabuki Creations rocks, Kabuki Creations rocks,
Hi, ho the dariy-o, Kabuki Creations rocks!

And we’re off, I’ll beat you to them! *laughs* Don’t forget your free Profile Picks gift and the MM board gift.

Personal Pleasures Hunt (1 – 31 July) Adult – ADT Erotic Doggy3
Pleasures are so much better when you share them. I’m having issues describing this pose because I don’t want to get too dirty and graphic on here, but let’s just say this pose does things for me that make me tingle all over. Mmmmmm…Definite must find!

This One Time At The Fair Hunt (1 – 31 July) Adult – ADT Erotic Front1
“One…and two…and three. Lift those legs up higher. Come on, you can do it! Here, let me help.” *looks around and blinks* Oh, it’s not an exercise pose? How embarrassing. *giggles* Another definite must find!

FCKH8/Born This Way Hunt (1 – 31 July) Adult – ADT Erotic Ride1
Well, well, well…I must say, best seat in the house. “Wait, down a little. No, over to the right. Back to the left just a touch. Yeah, right there! Okay, do it a little harder now.” Ahhhhh, getting your itches scratched feels sooooo good. Have you figured out yet that all the poses are must finds? LOL

Sexy Summer Hunt (1 July- 1 Aug) – Studio Model Pose Beach
Now you too can be a sexy pin up model with these three hot poses. Or just show off your smoking new swim suit. That’s right, you get three in one!

Skull-n-Bones Hunt (1 – 31 July) – Barrel of Rum
*laughs* Whoa, slow down there partner, looks like someone imbibed a little too much on the rum. Don’t you know drinking and hunting don’t mix? Now you have to finish the rest of the hunt with a hang over. Shame, shame.

The Three Moons Hunt (15 – 30 July) Adult – ADT Erotic Taste1
“OWWW, OUCH! That’s not how you do it. You are supposed to jerk it really fast. Haven’t you learned anything about waxing by now?” Yup, another definite must find. *wiggles her butt*

Nature’s Hunt Tropical Nights (29 July- 31 Aug) – Best I Ever Had
“Awww, I know I’m the best you ever had. But it’s good to know that you know it also.” *winks* This is a super sweet pose. And it’s nice to cuddle after all of that hunting. *smiles*

Be sure to pick up your Profile Picks gift while you are here – Lover Lover. Just add Kabuki Creations to your “Profile Picks” and join “Kabuki Creations ~Pose&Animation” (SL group base) to receive this great gift. Each month you get a new gift.

And remember to hit up that MM board, because – Wishes Come True!

See you all at Kabuki Creations.

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