Make Him Over Hunt 6 & More

23 Jul

Hello you most excellent Kabukians!

Wow, have I got one great hunt prize to tell you about today. Naku has come up with an exciting couple’s studio pose. What makes it so exciting is that you and your partner can change the look of the pose individually for your own avatar. You each just type the command into chat and choose the position you want from the 3 on the menu. This is created for studio poses and is static, great for taking those romantic photos! The most amazing part is that IT’S FREE!
Kabuki Studio Couple 1
Phantium and I decided to commemorate our happiness of finding each other with a trip back to the woods where it all began. I will always treasure the memories he and I made in those woods, and thanks to Kabuki Creations, we have these amazing photos to hang on our walls and show off to all of our friends!
Kabuki Studio Couple 2
Even if you don’t have time to visit all of the stores in the MHO Hunt 6, be sure to visit us for this one! The hunt runs from July 20th to August 20th.

ALSO, while you are at the store, be sure to go upstairs and snag all of the free poses sitting out for you. I counted and there are 21 boxes just begging to be touched by your little hands. There are single poses, fun and creepy Halloween poses, sweet and naughty Christmas poses, romantic poses, and some that are just plain fun. Some of you may have these already, but if you don’t, they are definitely worth checking out!

See you at Kabuki!

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