06 Mar

Kabuki Creations ~ LoveSeat NewYork  ……………. NEW !

* 18 New Heart melting cuddles

* 18 New Realistic Adults

* 18 Bonus best selling poses

* 2 LoveScene with auto sequence

* Sitting for Friends or Single

* No Poseballs (adjustable positions)

* 3 color changer options (black, white, brown)

* Include copyable Rug to match setting (not link)


. Kabuki Creations ~ Sweetest Love ~ Animation HUD V1.3 (No Poseball HUD) * Now with AUTO Height Detect !!!

~ Featuring 12 of the best selling Kabuki poses.

~ AUTO detects height diffrences and matches the closest poses height.

~ Work almost anywhere even in “No Script” zone.

~ Turn on/off PAUSE to enable longer durations of the poses.

~ Possible to SWAP to use for both female and male avatars (owners).

~ Copy version for safe keeping (Cop,No Mod, No Trans)

So come to Kabuki and try the DEMOs.


Hunts we are participating!  (No copy, Mod, No Trans)

1. STEAM “6” Hunt :

2. Spring 2012 Twisted Hunt

3 .::My Love For You Hunt::.

FREE GIFTS :  (No copy, Mod, No Trans)

a. Profile Picks Gift

Just add Kabuki Creations to your “Profile Picks” and join ” Kabuki Creations ~Pose&Animation ” (sl group base) to receive this great gift. Each month new gifts.

b. Kabuki MM boards :  (No copy, Mod, No Trans)

 ** please note that Kabuki has the right to change any of the given gifts at anytime.


*** 60L Weekends

We are participating in the “60L Weekends”. So each SATURDAY & SUNDAY we will setting one or a few item for only 60L.  So come over on every Saturday and Sunday to grab this fantastic deals.

Visit our store and enjoy our news for March!

Kabuki Creations –

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Samara Pennell

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