08 Apr

Hello everyone!!!

Here is what’s hot for April!!

*** Promotions / Special items :

 a. Kabuki Creations ~ Sweet Lovers Bath ……………. NEW !

Watch video here :

***Now available at a new item promotional price. Hurry !

Features :

* 18 Heart melting animations.

* 9 New realistic Adults.

* 20 Bonus animations.

* Single bath animations included.

* Water splash & bubble effect features.

* On/Off steam effect.

* Low Prims, No Poseballs.

* Optional decor included.

b. Kabuki Creations ~ LoveSeat NewYork

* 18 New Heart melting cuddles

* 18 New Realistic Adults

* 18 Bonus best selling poses

* 2 LoveScene with auto sequence

* Sitting for Friends or Single

* No Poseballs (adjustable positions)

* 3 color changer options (black, white, brown)

* Include copyable Rug to match setting (not link)

c. Kabuki Creations ~ Sweetest Love ~ Animation HUD V1.3 (No Poseball HUD) * Now with AUTO Height Detect !!!

~ Featuring 12 of the best selling Kabuki poses.

~ AUTO detects height diffrences and matches the closest poses height.

~ Work almost anywhere even in “No Script” zone.

~ Turn on/off PAUSE to enable longer durations of the poses.

~ Possible to SWAP to use for both female and male avatars (owners).

~ Copy version for safe keeping (Cop,No Mod, No Trans)

So come to Kabuki and try the DEMOs.

*** HUNTs : (No copy, Mod, No Trans)

1. The Whiz Naughty Bunny Hunt – 1April (Adult) :

2. Bunny Love – 1April :

3. EBH2- 3April (Adult) :

4. Noir Nights Hunt – 9April (Adult) :

*** FREE GIFTS :  (No copy, Mod, No Trans)

a. Profile Picks Gift :

Just add Kabuki Creations to your “Profile Picks” and join ” Kabuki Creations ~Pose&Animation ” (sl group base) to receive this great gift. Each month new gifts.

b. Kabuki MM boards :  (No copy, Mod, No Trans)

** please note that Kabuki has the right to change any of the given gifts at anytime.

*** 60L Weekends

We are participating in the “60L Weekends”. So each SATURDAY & SUNDAY we will setting one or a few item for only 60L.  So come over on every Saturday and Sunday to grab this fantastic deals.

*** Come over to    and try the DEMOS in the store,  at the same time you can participate in the current running HUNTs. For further assistances please do not hesitate to drop me a notecard.

For other language Support and Assistants,  please IM/notecard to :

* Owner/Animator : Naku Nishi

* Full Perm Purchase : Naku Nishi

* Portugese : Lil Aura

* Espanol : Alisia Avro

* Francis : Anyraya Braveheart

* Italiano: Jaraloy Swords

* Dutch : PieterPost Koenkamp

* Japanese: Shuchang Raviprakash

* Blogger : Samara Pennell

* HUNT organizer : Jessicah Spyker

* HUNT organizer assistance : TraCee Zeplin

Thank again for all your supports.

Love each other always!!

Samara Pennell.

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