Couple Walker v3.8

31 May

Hi Everyone,

We are glad to invite you to the Kabuki Creations New store..great design and many never seen before couples cuddles animations sets.
Also here is what we got waiting for you for May 2013 :

Come check out the new shopping experiences. Thank you !

_Kabuki Creations ~ Couple Walker V3.8

*Kabuki Creations ~ Couple Walker v3.8 (Now among the best selling product in Market Place) 

_Kabuki Creations ~ Couple Walker v3.8 CUDDLES

_Kabuki Creations ~ Couple Walker V3.8 (Rezzer).

_Kabuki Couple Walker V3.8 ~ Quick Start

We are glad to introduce Kabuki Creations’ First couples walker. Made of some of the most fun and loving couples animations for ground walking. Not forgetting one of the most stable walking script. To those who have waited, thank you for your patience. Please come try the demos in the store.
Watch video here :

Consist of :

~ 8 Sweet fun couple walker.
~ 18 Bonus cuddles/kissing poses (ground sitting , laying, and standing)
~ One Button click for running the same standing and walking animations
~ Smoother walking script
~ Includes Optional REZZER for sim owners
~ Smooth animations switching.
~ Stable walking movements.
~ Possible to walk up stairs/slopes.
~ Adjustable positions
~ Walk together anywhere you are allowed to rezz.

_Kabuki Creations ~ Sweetest Love HUD V1.3

~ Kabuki Creations ~ Sweetest Love ~ Animation HUD V1.3 (No Poseball HUD) * Now with AUTO Height Detect !!!

~ Featuring 12 of the best selling Kabuki poses.

~ AUTO detects height diffrences and matches the closest poses height.
~ Work almost anywhere even in “No Script” zone.
~ Turn on/off PAUSE to enable longer durations of the poses.
~ Possible to SWAP to use for both female and male avatars (owners).
~ Copy version for safe keeping (Cop,No Mod, No Trans)

So come to Kabuki and try the DEMOs.

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