Recommended best selling sets

02 Aug

Full Perm animations sets

__Kabuki FULL PERM ~ Chair Cuddles ~ Full pack…… sweet

__Kabuki FULL PERM ~ Kitchen Cuddles ~ FULL PACK

__Kabuki FULL PERM ~ Laying Cuddles ~ Full Pack……….. full cuddles sequence

__Kabuki FULL PERM ~ Lovers Table ~ Full Pack……………will melt your heart

__Kabuki FULL PERM ~ Showers ADULT 1&2 ~ Full Pack…….full adult sequence 

_Kabuki Creations ~ Love Story1 (FULL PERM)

_Kabuki Creations ~ Love Story2 (FULL PERM)……….. full cuddles sequence 

_Kabuki FULL PERM ~ BDSM Cross 1&2 ~ Full Pack……full adult sequence

_Kabuki FULL PERM ~ Chair Adult 1&2 ~ Full Pack

_Kabuki FULL PERM ~ Couples ~ Shower FULL PACK

_Kabuki FULL PERM ~ Kitchen Adult 1 & 2 ~ Combo ~ Full Pack… real adults movements, possible to use for many builds

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