SweetBath Pack 1

04 Oct

Due to popular demand …here is a re-release from Kabuki heart melting set …the “Sweet Bath” …suitable for almost all bathtub and hot tub builds.

* 8+1 heart melting couples animations
* 30 sec looping, priority 4
* Suitable for most bath tub and hot tub builds ..and most are suitable for other flat builds too
* MLP & AVsit setting ready (full pack only)
* Props, Decor & models are not included

* Test the animations with “Kabuki Model bots”


_Kabuki FULL PERM - SweetBath ~ Bath 1

_Kabuki FULL PERM - SweetBath ~ Bath 2

_Kabuki FULL PERM - SweetBath ~ Bath 3

_Kabuki FULL PERM - SweetBath ~ Bath 4

_Kabuki FULL PERM - SweetBath ~ Cuddle 1

_Kabuki FULL PERM - SweetBath ~ Cuddle 2


_Kabuki FULL PERM - SweetBath ~ Cuddle 3

_Kabuki FULL PERM - SweetBath ~ Cuddle 4

_Kabuki FULL PERM - SweetBath ~ Wine

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