Mix 2 Laying Cuddles

02 Feb

Heya Friends & Creative Builders,

After the best selling mix laying cuddles last weekend come pack 2 ….so come and falling in love here in Kabuki

Come with a partner or check out the demo with our Model bots!!

*Kabuki FULL PERM – Mix 2 Laying Cuddles
* 10 sweetest standing cuddles animations
* 30 sec looping
* Priority 4
* Suitable for most ground builds
* MLP & AVsit setting ready (full pack only)
* Model, Props & Decor are not included

For those who already purchase Mix laying last weekend, dont be shy to ask for the ready complete pack 1&2. Thank you
__Kabuki Creations ~ Mix 1&2 Laying Cuddles ~ Full Pack

*DEMO here :


Full Pack :
__Kabuki Creations ~ Mix 2 Laying Cuddles ~ Full Pack

Individual Sets :
_Kabuki Creations ~ Mix 2 Laying Cuddles ~  Just do it

_Kabuki Creations ~ Mix 2 Laying Cuddles ~ Bed of Roses

_Kabuki Creations ~ Mix 2 Laying Cuddles ~ Best I Ever Had

_Kabuki Creations ~ Mix 2 Laying Cuddles ~ Lips of an angel

_Kabuki Creations ~ Mix 2 Laying Cuddles ~ Lost

_Kabuki Creations ~ Mix 2 Laying Cuddles ~ Lover Lover

_Kabuki Creations ~ Mix 2 Laying Cuddles ~ My Favourite Place

_Kabuki Creations ~ Mix 2 Laying Cuddles ~ Tender Touch

_Kabuki Creations ~ Mix 2 Laying Cuddles ~ The Garden

_Kabuki Creations ~ Mix2 Laying Cuddle ~Cant Fight This Feeling

Demo in the full perm builders room (as you walk in ….to your RIGHT, upper floor)
*Please, please, keep your clothes ON during testing
**For assistances please don’t hesitate to drop me an IM or a notecard.

For any assistant please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance.

Naku Nishi

Please Note :

1. The main objective of the creation of full-permission animations by Kabuki Creations is to allow content creators/builders to include in their items
(Stand alone cuddle menu hud/hud/AO/preloaded INTAN/collar is NOT allow).
You are required to agree that these full-permission animations is only for you to intergrated them into your furniture builds only.

2. You are not allowed to transfer/sell the animations to any other individual / business owners in copy and trans perm form in any manner. Kabuki creations full-perm animations are also NOT allowed to be sold as individual poseballs.

3. For Full Pack, the ready MLP or AVsit settings…they are provided as a references for positions, menu setups, props positions and etc. Kabuki however do NOT provide full tutorials on how to use them or mod them.

4. Kabuki are not associated with the props creators, they are use in some of the animations only for references…you are encourage to use any of your own.

5. Purchase are only to be use for second life grid. For uploads into other grid, please contact Naku Nishi.

6. Please keep safe a copy of your full perm purchase, we do not replace any Lost or missing sets.

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