*Kabuki FULL PERM – Lovers Hammock ~ Adult 1

14 Aug

Lovers Hammock - Adults Part1 - FULL PACK

Inspired by our best selling couples cuddles Hammock …Now introducing our latest Adult Add on…smooth erotic animations, made SPECIAL to fit most Hammock builds..Be sure to check our DEMO. (Full Pack now includes AV sitter swing script, that work within av menu itself)

*Kabuki FULL PERM – Lovers Hammock ~ Adult Part 1
~ 5 real adult animations
~ MLP & AV Smooth Sequence READY (full pack only)
~ 30 sec looping, priority 4
~ Suitable for Hammock builds
~ MLP & AVsit setting/positions ready (full pack only)
~ Props & Decor are not include
~ Included AV sitter swing script
Demo here :

Lovers Hammock - Adult 1V Lovers Hammock - Adult 2V Lovers Hammock - Adult 3V Lovers Hammock - Adult 4V Lovers Hammock - Adult 5V

*Kabuki FULL PERM – Lovers Hammock ~ Cuddles pack :

Lovers Hammock - Cuddles - FULL PACK

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