*Kabuki FULL PERM – Lovers Hammock ~ Adult 2

21 Aug

Lovers Hammock - Adults Part2 - FULL PACK V2

Inspired by our best selling couples Hammock Cuddles and Adult Part 1 …Now introducing our latest Adult Part 2 …smooth erotic animations, made SPECIAL to fit most Hammock builds..Be sure to check our DEMO. (Full Pack now includes AV sitter swing script, that work within av menu itself)

*Kabuki FULL PERM – Lovers Hammock ~ Adult Part 2
~ 5 real adult animations
~ MLP & AV Smooth Sequence READY (full pack only)
~ 30 sec looping, priority 4
~ Suitable for Hammock builds
~ MLP & AVsit setting/positions ready (full pack only)
~ Props & Decor are not include
~ Included AV sitter swing script
Demo here :

Lovers Hammock - Adult 6V Lovers Hammock - Adult 7V Lovers Hammock - Adult 8V Lovers Hammock - Adult 9V Lovers Hammock - Adult 10V

Previous Packs :

Lovers Hammock - Adults Part1 - FULL PACK Lovers Hammock - Cuddles - FULL PACK

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