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Kabuki St Patrick’s Day Sales – Everything 50% OFF !

Kabuki Mar 2017 St Patrick's Day Sales Poster.jpg

Missing any previous sets? Now is the time to grab them at 50% Off as we celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Dont miss it !

     EVERYTHING at 50% OFF ! starts from 17 – 19 March (Friday – Sunday)

     Store/Demo here :

* Please note that the price on the vendors are BEFORE discount, please pay in full and it will AUTO REBET back to you. (CasperVend system)

** Sales of 50% off does not applied to all the items in the new release sections/room as those item are already discounted at 50% off.

** For any assistant or direct dealings please send Naku Nishi your enquiries / list in a notecard.  Tq



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