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Kabuki Full Perm – Emotions Bed Side – Adults Part 1

Emotions Bed Side adults Part 1 Full Pack.jpg

Let’s have a very naughty with KABUKI’s NEW Emotions Bed Side – ADULTS part 1 set. Real adult animations with MULTI SPEED controls. Come and check out the demo, seeing is believing. Suitable for most BED builds.  Be Creative !!! and Dont Miss it !

    Store/Demo here :

* Kabuki Full Perm – Emotions Bed Side – Adults Part 1 !
~ 5 Real adults animations with multi speed
~ AV Smooth Sequence READY (full pack only)
~ Variable speed, looping, priority 4
~ Suitable for Bed builds
~ AVsit setting/positions ready (full pack only)
~ Props & Decor are not included

Emotions Bed Side Adult 1Emotions Bed Side Adult 2Emotions Bed Side Adult 3Emotions Bed Side Adult 4Emotions Bed Side Adult 5

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