Kabuki Full Perm BENTO – Bean Bag – Adults Pt 1 + Free Xmas Gift !!!

07 Dec

Bento Bean Bag Adults Pt1 Full Pack.jpg

Bento Xmas Gift 2018

It’s going to be exciting  with Kabuki’s Full Perm Bento Animations sets and Xmas GIFT !!! .  Melting your hearts always with our sweetest and real animations.  So come and check out our new  “Realistic fingers movements & Breathing animations”  release.   Dont miss it !

Store/Demo here :

* Don’t forget to grab your FREE full perm Bento Xmas Gift while your here !

Flickr/Video (pls sign in) : 

Kabuki Full Perm BENTO – Bean Bag - Adults Pt 1 
  ~ 4 adults BENTO animations 
  ~ Realistic fingers movements
  ~ Breathing animations
  ~ AV Smooth Sequence READY (full pack only)
  ~ Looping, priority 4
  ~ Suitable for Bean bags, Adirondack Chairs & Low chairs builds
  ~ AVsit setting/positions ready (full pack only)
  ~ Bento facial are not included
  ~ Props & Decor are not included

Bento Bean Bag Adults 1v

Bento Bean Bag Adults 2v

Bento Bean Bag Adults 3v

Bento Bean Bag Adults 4v


Free full perm bento Xmas gift !!! Happy Holidays !!!Untitled-1.gif



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