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Kabuki Full Perm BENTO Bed – Amazing Cuddles New !!!

Bento Bed Amazing Cuddles Full Pack.jpg

Let’s have a warm weekend with Kabuki’s New Sweetest Lover Cuddles set.  Melting your hearts always with our sweetest and real animations.  So come and check out our new  “Realistic fingers movements & Breathing animations”  release.  Now at 50% OFF.   Dont miss it !

New Release Price Promo of 50% OFF starts from  11 – 13 Jan (Fri – Sun)

Store/Demo here :

Flickr/Video (pls sign in) : 

Also back on promo :

Kabuki Full Perm BENTO Bed – Amazing Cuddles  New  !!! 
  ~ 6 Sweetest Couples Cuddles Bento Animations 
  ~ Realistic fingers movements
  ~ Breathing animations
  ~ AV Smooth Sequence READY (full pack only)
  ~ Looping, priority 4
  ~ Suitable for Bed, Blankets and Rugs builds
  ~ AVsit setting/positions ready (full pack only)
  ~ Bento facial are not included
  ~ Props & Decor are not included

bento bed amazing cuddles 1

bento bed amazing cuddles 2

bento bed amazing cuddles 3

bento bed amazing cuddles 4

bento bed amazing cuddles 5

bento bed amazing cuddles 6

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